Who should take Amino 20?

Amino 20 was made to help everyone not just athletes. The effervescent tablet is absorbed 100% and is easy for everyone to take especially for people that have trouble with swallowing pills or tablets.

Why does Amino 20 take so long to dissolve?

Amino 20 takes approximately 15 minutes to dissolve if you put it in the bottle in one piece. If you break it in half it will dissolve faster. The reason for this is because of the 20 amino acids that are in it and also because it has no chemicals to speed up the process. We suggest that you put the tablet in the bottle of water before you go to any activity. You can also put it in your bottle when you get to the gym, then do you’re stretching or cardio to warm up and it will then be ready for you to drink.

Can I adjust the amount of water I use with Amino 20?

Yes, you can add more water or less water to make it taste any way you want. Amino 20 will work with whatever amount of water you choose. The amount of water does not change how Amino 20 works.

How does Amino 20 have zero calories?

Amino 20 has zero calories because we use stevia for our sweetener. In the list of ingredients you may see evaporated cane juice but there is such a small amount it comes to less than a quarter of one calorie.

Why should I use Amino 20?

Amino 20 is the first new sports/vitamin all -natural drink in forty years that actually solves a problem. Amino 20 helps in so many different ways please see the web site for all the information. (Click on these links).

  Can I make Amino 20 in a large container and drink it all day long?

Absolutely, Amino 20 is great to drink all day. Amino acids cannot be stored in the body and are needed every day.

  What will I see if I take Amino 20?

Amino 20 works almost instantly. You will see an increase in the amount of energy that you get along with the feeling of having more endurance. This will translate into more strength and better recovery for everything you do during the course of the day.