GHL Pro Amino 20

Why Amino 20

Humans can only produce 10 of the 20 amino acids that we need. Failure to obtain even one of them results in the body’s degradation of the body’s protein which causes muscle tissue to break down. Unlike fat and starch the human body does not store amino acids and they must be taken in everyday . Amino acids are needed for the growth, repair, and maintenance of body tissue.

GHL Pro Amino 20™ is the only all-natural amino acid product that has all 20 amino acids in it. GHL Pro™ Amino 20™ has: no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no stimulants, no preservatives, and is gluten free. It is not made from whey protein like all the other amino drinks on the market today; which leaves you with a cloudy and non-dissolved drink.
GHL Pro™ Amino 20™ smells great and unlike the other amino acid drinks that are too sweet, GHL Pro™ Amino 20™ tastes great. GHL Pro™ Amino 20™ is not just a pre or post workout drink but can be taken all day long to help keep your muscle tissue strong. So whether you are young or old, a competitive athlete or just a weekend warrior, GHL Pro™ Amino 20™ is the tablet that will change the way you feel.

Why Effervescent Tablets

The Advantages of Effervescent Amino Acid Tablets
Effervescent Amino Acid - A great new way of taking Amino Acids. Have you ever tried the effervescent variety of vitamins?.

This great new way of taking amino acids adds an exciting fizz to the dull routine of popping amino acid pills. Put one amino acid tablet into the glass, add water and enjoy a delicious dose of nutrition! 

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