Jaroslaw Marciniak

Jaroslaw Marciniak came here in 1991 from Poland as their National Champion in acrobatics. He landed in New York with little money and a dream to make it big. After struggling to pay the bills, he decided to move to Florida. There he won the Circus Festival which paved his way to work at Busch Gardens. While there, he honed the act and decided to make the move to the big stage in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, he became one of the featured acts for Cirque Du Soleil. The act became so well liked over the years that you may have seen him perform at half time of NBA games, NHL games, Major League baseball and many conventions. Over the past year, Jarek has been performing with symphonies all over the world to standing ovations. Jarek’s athletic knowledge and passion for perfection makes all of us at GHL Pro are glad to have him and his company Eight Count Entertainment on our team.