The Company

Gregg Leighton
Mr. Universe & Mr. USA

GHL Pro™ was started in 2012 by Gregg Leighton who knew there was a need for quality products that were all-natural. The vitamin industry has not changed over the last forty years and making something that was actually healthy was a priority. Gregg's background in nutrition and formulation  has led to the creation of two of the most revolutionary products on the market today.
The first one is Amino 20™. Amino 20™ is the first new sports/vitamin drink that is all-natural. It is the only Amino drink that has all twenty amino acids and is in effervescent form. The second product is in final formulation trials and will be out very soon. GHL Pro™ has positioned itself with the future in mind. GHL Pro™ will always keep you the consumer informed and will only give you healthy, all-natural quality products.